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Here is the link to a potential resource provided by Bea Fields. It is a blog post entitled "30 Top Social Media Experts, Pundits, Evangelists and Marketers"

Greetings all... Thanks for the great session and below are some of the questions that came through the chat area during our session. I know it's a long one, but we had some great feedback. Enjoy... Eric :-)
Social Media Manager Questions

Q: As a means of qualifying/clarifying a Social Media Expert's role, which of those departments (IT, PR, Mktg, Bus. Dev., HR) do you feel Social Media experts fall within? The intent behind the question: which department has the responsibility to be cognizant of Social Media?
A: This will depend on the organization, but typically this will fall under the Marketing role. While this position should be able to get to the C-level employees in the organization with feedback and information from what they have been monitoring, the Social Media function is really more marketing and PR than technical in nature.

Suggested steps in the process of Social Media Management.
1) Help define plan and purpose
2) Identify Soc Networks that are appropriate
3) help create content
4) Monitor reputation
5) Help track responses
6) Make suggestions

Q: A friend of mine forwarded me the info re: the winery. Definitely pass on to class. I'll email it to Bea after class. This is a winery in Sonoma looking for a candidate with 2.0 skills and more. Check out how they are screening applicants. To apply need to send a YouTube video. Fun and cool....waive of the future?
A: Great example of how social media is changing the way businesses are looking for people and what the requirements are. Thanks for sharing!

Q: FYI — Story in LA Times on the social media winery position:,0,2294007.story
A: Thanks for sharing. Good stuff!

Q: I am not sure how, as a company, social media will help my business.
A: By using social medial the “right” way, you help to get “plugged in” to the conversation that is already going on about the things you do, the services you offer and the products you sell. If your organization is not large enough to have people talking specifically about “YOU” specificially, there’s a good chance that the conversation is going on about WHAT you are doing. By using social media techniques and monitoring what’s being said, you may be able to uncover some opportunities for new customers, enhanced products and service or innovative ways to do business that you had not thought of before.

Q: Are we finding a lot of banks/credit unions utilizing social media? If so, how are they doing so? Would be nice if a social media specialist would be knowledgeable in many different businesses.
A: I'm personally following about 30 banks and credit unions on Twitter now and have become fans of a few Facebook pages. Credit unions are about 4x more likely to be doing blogging and social networking than banks (a stat I brought back from the Indiana Bankers Mega conference a few months ago). Most of these organizations are using their social media efforts to promote brand and personality-type issues and doing very little product promotion. One small bank in Michigan has a CEO who’s blogging on a regular basis, but he’s taking the information from other areas where he’s already engaged and putting that online (newspaper, church, community involvement, etc…). His blog does not talk about bank products or services (that’s what the bank’s website is for) and is more about sharing his philosophy of responsible money management, family, faith, etc… It’s this type of information that helps to let customers know WHO you are and what you stand for.

Q: I would like to attend a future webinar where you have companies talking about specific implementations of social media. Possibly have a handful of businesses represented, each with a different “angle” and allow them to share their results. One could be focused on sales, the other on product development, another on reputation management, etc… Appreciate in general what you all are doing. Thank you for including me on your email list.
A. GREAT idea! Keep your eyes peeled for future webinars and this will be something that we’d like to add. If anyone has recommendations of businesses that are experiencing success with social networking, send us your thoughts and we’ll see if they would like to be a guest presenter!

Q: Bea also mentioned taking us to the top 20 social media sites.
A: Here is the link to the Alexa site that talks about the most popular social networking sites on the Internet. This link is being shared as an example of which portals you may want to consider “involving” yourself in and at least monitoring the conversations that are taking place related to your industry.

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